NiFi Terminology Basics

This post is going to cover the basic terminology that you’ll need to know for working with NiFi. Canvas The Canvas is the free grid space on which you create your Flow. It is accessed through the NiFi Web UI. You build Flows by dragging Processors on to the Canvas. Controller Service A Controller Service… Continue reading NiFi Terminology Basics

S3 Event Notifications in NiFi

The desire to pull newly uploaded files from storage is common, and typically the ListFile -> FetchFile pattern has been used in NiFi to monitor for, and then pull, new files as they arrive. Taking NiFi in to the cloud means that we’re often working with cloud object storage, like Amazon S3. While we can… Continue reading S3 Event Notifications in NiFi

Kafka with multiple Listeners and SASL

This will quickly discuss how to configure multiple Listeners, with the intent of having a unique Listener for External/Client traffic and another for Internal/Inter-broker traffic (and how this can be done with Cloudera Manager which requires a slight work-around in the current versions pre-2021). There’s several valid use cases for multiple Listeners. In this case,… Continue reading Kafka with multiple Listeners and SASL